Directions, information about your property, personal recommendations and other important information at hand on your guest's smartphone, including the weather forecast for your location.

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Offline Available

After the information is downloaded on the guests' smartphone, all information is available offline - no data transfer or roaming fees necessary during the stay.

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For iOS and Android

The Your Stay app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Just navigate to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the app for free.

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For Free

Just sign-up, enter your recommendations and other information with our browser-based content manager and send the QR-Code of your property to your guests together with your booking confirmation.

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for Your Guests


Still at home, guests can prepare for their upcoming stay and already browse through your personal recommendations.

Offline Maps

Overview maps of property and recommendation location are automatically generated and offline available.


No Paper

... which fills up the pockets. All information at your guests' finger-tip on the smartphone, also offline available.

Location Based

The App shows the distance to the recommendation based on your guests' current location and the distance from the property. Push notifications can be shown automatically if the guest is close to a recommendation.

Even More Great Features
for Your Guests

Event Notifications

Add one or more dates to an article, to make your guests aware about upcoming events using push notifications.

Multi Language Capable

Manage your content in different languages to make it easier for your international guests.



Guests can create a favorites list about preferred things to do.

More Content

Add an attachment per article, like flyer, or menu card (to come).

for You as Property Manager


Swift check-in times, time-intensive questions can be reduced, just hand-out your flyer.


The content shown in the App can be updated in seconds. Guests always have the latest information.



... paper flyers, maps and other brochures in your lobby or in the hotel room.

No Cost

High-price Apps and maintenance contracts with notice periods are history.

Even More Great Features
for You as Property Manager

Your Content

Manage your content quickly and fully flexible, by adding a picture, maps, contact details, free text etc, anytime, anywhere.

Multi Manager Capable

Assign deputies to manage the content for your properties.


Generated Flyer

Let 'Your Stay' generate your flyer, which you can attach to your e-mail booking confirmation, place at the reception and in the rooms.

Multiple Properties

Manage multiple properties with one account. No need to capture the same information more than once, just drag-and-drop the articles between the properties.

Quick and Easy to Setup


Quick and easy registration, just provide your e-mail address or use your Google or Facebook login.

Register Now

Manage Content

Quick and easy content management in your browser.

Manage Content In 30 seconds

Generate a Flyer for Your Guests

Generate a Your Stay app flyer and send it to your guests.

Generate Flyer In 5 Minutes

Still Not Convinced?

First, download the App from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store

For Free of Course

Now scan the below QR-Code with the Your Stay app


Or, if you're browsing this site with your smartphone click on the link below


This could be your personal flyer of your property!

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  • For Free, for Properties and Guests.
  • Our service is for free. For you as property manager, and also for your guests.
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  • Unlimited number of properties
  • Unlimited number of articles
  • Unlimited content changes
  • Unlimited downloads of your guests
  • Further enhancements for free
  • No hidden maintenance costs
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